About AIS Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel fabrication is a little different to sheet metal fabrication though some of the processes used may seem similar. Stainless steel offers a balance of strength and malleability that makes it ideal for a number of purposes while working with it involves understanding the metal and its hardening rates. Here at AIS Sheet Metal Ltd, we are one of Worcester’s experts in working with the material and can create what your business requires.

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About Us

  • Est. over 50 years
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Local experts

As local experts based in Worcester, we have worked with a range of large companies including car manufacturers such as Nissan, BMW and Peugeot. We have also worked with countless small and independent companies and will offer our services to anyone that requires them. We are experts in sheet metal fabrication so can offer more than just working with stainless steel if that is what your project requires.

Working with stainless steel

Working with this type of steel is a little different from other types of metal fabrication but there are still many of the same processes used to shape it including being bent, folded, spun and machined as well as being joined together through welding.   We can offer welding in several different ways to suit the grade of the material you require.

We can work with the various grades of stainless steel as well as an understanding of the magnetism of the material and how this can affect its fabrication and the end product.   We have all the latest equipment to ensure the quality and durability of the products that we fabricate.

Our experience includes anything from structural steel fabrications through to the creation of ductwork and plate work parts. We can offer a quote for any project you have and let you know what options will work best for it, depending on your requirements.

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"For over 50 years AIS Sheet Metal has offered a fully comprehensive steel fabrication service with outstanding customer service every time."


With over 40 years experience, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and capability to deliver bespoke solutions to our customers to time, cost and quality. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries.