In-House or Outsource Your Steel or Metal Fabrication Project?

You know what you are trying to achieve when it comes to a particular metal or steel fabrication project, and you have some, if not all, of the resources inside your company to carry out the design and implementation. Is it worth calling in the experts at this stage? Generally, we’d like to think this is the case. Outsourcing your project to a professional metal design and manufacturing company can bring various benefits. Here, we look at a few of them.

Cost Efficiency and Technical Accuracy

Choosing an established sheet metal fabrication firm with a full range of services means you will benefit from experienced engineers who are skilled in talking through and reading your plans to draw up accurate blueprint specifications. They will also have the expertise to flag up any potential problems and suggest possible solutions at an early stage before costly mistakes are made.

They will also have access to the latest AutoCAD tools to ensure plans are accurate to the nth degree, as well as skills in manual draughting to refine and revise automated designs as required. This reduces wasted time and effort, as well as money, when it comes to production of the part or parts being designed.

Having designs drawn up with tools such as AutoCAD also makes it easier to cope with any necessary alterations further down the line. CAD software produces drawings that are quickly and simply modifiable if your plans change or there are alterations to the original design.Beyond the design stage, a company that’s been working in this field for a long time will have state of the art software and equipment to carry out the whole range of cutting required. This means you’ll benefit from fast, accurate production of the parts you need for your project.

Customisation from Start to Finish

Whether you’re looking for a one-off or an ongoing supply of specific parts, a skilled sheet metal fabrication firm will be able to customise your end product precisely to your needs. This is particularly valuable if your project is innovative or won’t fit a standard template. If you try to do this in-house, it’s likely to take you much longer to tweak or amalgamate existing designs into something that resembles what you need for this project. Almost perfect accuracy can be achieved by a company that’s skilled in custom designed projects.

Saving You Time

Unless your in-house team is especially skilled in this kind of work, it’s likely they will have other priorities that need their urgent attention. Outsourcing your custom sheet metal project to a firm that does this kind of work day in, day out will be quicker. It takes another item off your team’s things to do list, while for the company you delegate the work to, it will be a priority job. You’re therefore likely to achieve results far quicker.

Speak to AIS Sheet Metal Ltd if you’re interested in our services or have any further questions about the benefits outsourcing to our team can bring. As specialists in the field for over 40 years, we have a wealth of experience we can bring to your project.