Selecting The Right Firm For Steel Fabrication and Metal Fabrication in Worcestershire

If you’re planning a steel fabrication or metal fabrication project in the Worcestershire area, you might be looking for the right firm to carry out the work. You’ll understand the importance of finding the best company for the job, because sheet metal fabrication projects generally can be more complex than you might be able to achieve within your own business. Also, therefore, they’re likely to cost a significant amount of money. So what you’re looking for is a business with the right skills and experience to get it right first time, every time.

Selecting a firm that carries out custom fabrication projects is the first step to success. Having performed a huge number of jobs for a wide range of customers is usually a good indication that they will have the required level of skills and expertise in house to handle your demands. Here are a few other factors to look out for.

The Quality of the Work Carried Out

With a reputation to maintain, an established business will go to great lengths to understand your requirements and any important ‘must-haves’ that go alongside these. They’ll take great pride in the quality of the finished product and its value to its customers. So when looking for a steel fabrication expert, browse through their website to see what past customers they have worked for and how the products they’ve made have been used. Most good companies will offer a portfolio of work on their website, along with testimonials from past customers that you can follow up on if you need to.

Alongside this, we have quality of materials used. The company you choose should discuss how the finished product will be utilised and talk to you about, for example, the right grade of stainless steel to use. As an established company, they’ll source materials from trusted suppliers so you can be sure the end product is sturdy and fit for purpose, saving money over the longer term in repair or replacement.

The Timeliness of Their Work

Alongside quality, you’ll almost certainly have a deadline in mind and a good company will ask about this. They’ll give you a realistic timescale for completion of the project and they will stick to that. They’ll understand that delays can be costly at your end, and so they will be able to demonstrate a good track record of delivery in the past.

The Techniques They Use

The last thing to look for is the right tools and techniques the company has in its armoury. The best ones will combine state of the art technology with traditional methods and values to get the best out of both. If your project is likely to need a number of fabrication techniques, like being folded machined and/ or spun, ensure the company you choose can carry everything out in house.

One company that meets all the criteria above and more is AIS Sheet Metal Ltd. With over 40 years’ experience in the trade, we can handle everything from small scale production to large scale bespoke architectural projects.